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A 250 ml / ~8.5 fl oz bottle can be finished in about 2-3 months, while the expiration is 2 years. Get a year-long batch and spend over 50 USD to get 5% off from your order. Please, use the MINORDDISC coupon code to get the discount.


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Smoilie Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


natural remedy
extra virgin organic
coconut oil

who we are

Born from the marriage of the world renown Thai Smile and Coconut Oil SMOILIE is a natural remedy giving peace of mind to the mothers who are always looking for the best for their children.
Helen & Max
Smoilie Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

My baby was sweating a lot during the hot days and he had always heat rash on his skin. Smoilie coconut oil helped to get rid of the rash.

Smoilie Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Winter weather can dry both Morgan’s and my skin, but Smoilie Coconut Oil helps to keep it moisturized.

Eona & Morgan
United States
Smoilie Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Smoilie is great. I use for cooking to support our digestion and immunity. I apply it to get rid of my stretch marks. And I will use it when my baby will born to prevent nappy rashes.

Bori & Pami